Workflower | After Effects Script
Workflower is a script for the visual effects and motion graphics software After Effects. The script's main focus is enhance and speed up your everyday workflow. Using Workflower, you can create groups of layers within a composition, automatically parent them to the group header, collapse and expand the group, color label, disable, enable or solo it. Besides groups, you can also merge track mattes, clone layers, create an adjustment layer only to certain layers and much more.
Other Small After Effects Scripts
Here's a collection of other small scripts for After Effects. For free!
Batch Un-Precompose: Un-precomposes all pre-comps in the current comp. Useful, for example, if you import text layers from Premiere to After Effects which are always put into pre-comps (and you might not want those).
Set Effect Masks: Sets the currently selected mask/s to the currently selected effect/s. If a selected mask is already set as an effect mask to the effect, it will be removed from the effect. Adding/removing effect masks this way is quicker than always having to twirl the Compositing Options of every effect open and selecting the mask via the dropdown.
Duplicate and Leave Tabs Open: Duplicates the selected layers and leaves all selected properties in the timeline open on the duplicated layers. If no properties are selected, it will open up all transform properties on the duplicates.
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