After an accident at sea, novelist Sophie Matthews awakens on the rickety sailing boat of a mysterious man: Joshua. He is searching for the island Saudadia. But this one is just a myth. A fairy tale of a place where all people live in perfect harmony.
Trapped by the narrowness of Joshua’s boat, both come closer to each other – and fall in love. Right before they seem to reach the island, the two get into a dreadful storm... and Sophie capsizes again.
She regains consciousness in a hospital. But no trace of a Joshua. Was he just a hallucination, as the doctors say? Sophie embarks on a quest to find proof – of the existence of Joshua – of the existence of Saudadia...
A story about belief, about the search for an impossibility, about the inscrutable scope of our inner world.
Current State: Project Development
Director & Screenwriter: Constantin Maier | Script-Consultant: Ulrich Klingenschmitt
Screenplay developed during the 6 Miles Program of the Up-and-Coming International Film Festival
Awards and Selections (Screenplay)
Richmond International Film Festival 2019 | Winner "Best Original Action Adventure Screenplay"
ÉCU - The European Independent Film Festival 2019 | Official Selection (Top 3 Scripts)
StoryPros International Screenplay Contest 2018 | Finalist (Top 4%)
German Newcomer Screenplay Award 2019 | Shortlist
Circus Road Screenplay Contest 2018 | Semi-Finalist
Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition 2018-19 | Quarter-Finalist "Drama" & "Sci-Fi/Fantasy"
Screenplay Festival 2018 | Semi-Finalist "Drama Movie"
Concept Painting by Stefano Popovski
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