Film student Constantin Maier has a horrendous problem: His life is nothing but marvelous! Yet he desperately needs inspiration for a conflict in order to write the screenplay of his thesis film. And no conflict, no story. So there's just one solution left: He has provoke conflicts and ruin his life! But this turns out to be more difficult than expected...
A wacky mockumentary about what it means to be a writer and that the writer's most dreaded suffering is not to suffer.
Runtime: 18 Minutes | Release: 2019
Starring: Henning Hartmann, Leonie Rainer, Andreas Schlager, Lev Rudi, Leona Grundig, Maximilian Tettschlag
Director, Screenwriter, Editor & Producer: Constantin Maier | Director of Photography: Alexander Kohn | Production Designer: Alina Dunker | Costume Designer: Yo Jüterbock | Assistant Director: Isabel Dubrownik | Gaffer: Lev Predan Kowarski | 1st Assistant Camera: Flu Popow | 2nd Assistant Camera: Nikilo Sonnet | Production Sound Mixer: Leila Doe
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