True | Short Film | Editor
Runtime: 20 Minutes | Release: 2016 | Director: Simon Schneider
Hurt by the betrayal of his girlfriend, the talented progammer Paul is convinced: Nobody should be allowed to keep secrets from each other anymore - and he uploads his groundbreaking text analysis software. From now on every social network profile can be hacked in no time. But Paul's revenge is doomed from the beginning.
Aired on national TV (MDR, Central German Broadcasting) in March 2017
Independent Days Karlsruhe 2017 | Winner "Newbie Award"
Cellu L'art Short Film Festival 2017 | Winner "Teenshort Award"
Genrenale Berlin 2017 | Official Selection
Other Films as Editor
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Kinderherz e.V. (2014) | Social Spot | Director: Anna Kasten
Anywhere (2014)
The longing Look (2011)
Software: Adobe Premiere Pro (skilled), Avid Media Composer (basic)
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