One night Jonas stumbles into a mysterious tavern. He can hardly believe his eyes as he discovers that the visitors are from all kinds of different eras. The innkeeper tells him that for one day in the year this place is detached from time. Attracted by the jazz music, playing at the small stage, Jonas discovers the singer, performing this evening: Eva Elana from the 60s. He falls in love at first sight. But the time between the two will become their greatest enemy...
Runtime: 85 Minutes
Release: 2016
Starring: Michael Jassin, Marie Mayer, Constantin Lücke, Rodja Martin Tröscher, Ilo Geißler, Carsten Faseler, Susanne Strach
Director, Screenwriter, Editor, Visual Effects Supervisor & Producer: Constantin Maier
Co-Writers: Henning Neu, Christopher Li
Co-Director & Mattepainter: Robert Fischer
Director of Photography: Alexander Kohn
Costume Designers: Marika Moritz, Anne-Katrin Pache, Sophie Meyer
Production Designer: Valentin Sitnikov
Composer: Steffen Brinkmann
Gaffer: Remo R. Knauf
Make-Up Artist: Sandra Ohlendorf
Co-Editor: Robert Strauß
Visual Effects Artists: Tristan Dunse, Stefan Müller, Sebastian Fischer, Sebastian Ganschow
Color Grading: Sönke Heuer
Sound Designers: Leonard Flock, Ronald Davila
Sound Mixer & Dialogue Editor: Max Kersten
Production Manager: Sven Weimar
Unit Manager: Hamid Esfahlani
Funded by nordmedia – Film- und Mediengesellschaft Niedersachsen/Bremen mbH
Funded by the Unversity of Applied Sciences and Arts Hanover
Funded with donations via Startnext
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Awards and Screenings (Selection)
Santa Cruz Film Festival 2017 | Winner "Best Student-Produced Work"
Ridgefield Independent Film Festival 2017 | Winner "Best Student Film"
George Lindsey UNA Film Festival 2017 | Winner "Best Student Narrative Feature"
Camgaroo Award 2017 | Winner "Feature Film"
Sacramento Film & Music Festival 2016 | Winner "Directors' Choice Award"
Long Island International Film Expo 2017 | Winner "Best Foreign Film"
Naperville Independent Film Festival 2016 | Winner "Best Student Film"
Mosaic World Film Festival 2017 | Official Selection "Student Film"
Filmfest Eichstätt 2017 | Official Selection "Feature Film"
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